Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020

101 Parables

Ben Russell

  1. No democracy will long survive the will of the people.


  2. The longest march ends with that final step into victory.


  3. How far left does gravity extend?


  4. As justice is for all, would all be for justice, for all?


  5. No war has yet become the last.


  6. Oh, to be left of everything right.


  7.  Many will pay before the blame rest here.


  8. Give me liberty or give them death.


  9. Silence is oft the greatest lie of all.


10. No opinion poll will reflect our own.


11. Freedom – to or from?


12. Though truth may be the greater part of a lie, a lie can be no part of the truth.


13. The guilty pray to keep Lady Justice in the dark.


14. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t do much of it.


15. No tricycle can be designed to protect a child from napalm.


16. He who speaks with the devil’s tongue will hear with the devil’s ears.


17. You can’t teach sick dogs new tricks.


18. When in doubt, punish the innocent.


19. Expensive stuff won’t work.


20. The rule of law holds that he who makes the rule, is then the law.


21. The First provides more freedom to do it, than protection from those who do it.


22. Is the sum of man right or left of evil.


23. Hatred begets courage with the weak.


24. A bill revaluing each dollar as two.


25. I should have been a genius.


26. Can Liberals return from space before they leave?


27. Congress shall make no law abridging the premise of punishment for the innocent.


28. When in doubt, do without.


29. Not failing is salve for the fear thereof.


30. If ever I am not entirely pleased with my life, someone will damn sure pay.


31. And low, love for thy neighbor will not be evidentiary in a lawsuit.


32. The realist must labor within the confines of gravity.


33. A bill to eliminate global warming and increase daylight hours.


34. I have not long been this old.


35. Nothing goes right when turning “left”.


36. The upside of self-flagellation is the end of it.


37. Any further left and I might appear right.


38. When shallow minds prevail.


39. A – man or B – ecological perfection.


40. Is Lady Justice clairvoyant?


41.The American dream-as seen through a glass darkly?


42. Kill the goose and keep the gold.


43. Socialism is perfect for perfect people in their perfect world.


44. Truth is evasive – a lie, pervasive.


45. A bill to prevent the sky falling.


46. Hatred began where pride died.


47. ‘Twas the night before Christmas when he finally lost it.


48. If it were not for infinite challenges, I would be ok.


49. If it doesn’t quack, walk or swim lake a duck, could be – it’s not a duck.


50. I am not sure that I was to be this old.


51. Never say never-yet forever?


52. May tonight last longer than all tomorrows.


53. If you must burn your bridges behind you, make friends with your enemies.


54. Count not great blessings received, yet, those bequeathed alone.


55. No law revers the good of the goose vis-à-vis that of the gander.


56. A soothsayer hath no following in his own land.


57. Despite the evil commensurate with the lie, no great virtue attends a truth.


58. Judge not that seen through the keyhole.


59. Good exists, evil abounds.


60. Shift all guilt to the defenseless.


61. I am so old that I can remember tomorrow.


62. Of which war would you have approved?


63. Pure gold knives won’t cut it.


64. Hate is a tremendous motivator.


65. What in in the world were they doing 3 and 4 generations ago?


66. The law of gravity does closely reflect that of reality.


67. Potholes abound on the road to success.


68. Let not thy mouth overload thine assets.


69. Excess begins with just enough.


70. A long tenure at the University of Byzentia.


71. Childhood’s journey must begin at the foot of the mountain ne’er the peak.


72. License to distribute the pain and or the gold will soon elicit the desired facts.


73. Consider a proper excuse before failure.


74. A bill to retire the national debt.


75. How is it that you alone, were anointed the insolent one?


76. If you give away enough, you must eventually pay for it.


77. To hold a child above all others is to assure a fatal clash with all others.


78. Only a few hurdles:  the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, US LAW, the media and the House.


79. Save for the truth, I could not tell a lie.


80. Surviving association with the unhinged will oft inure to greater advantage.


81. No scale has yet recorded the weight of a dream.


82. Why put away childish things?


83. Do unto thy neighbor only that which you would relish being done unto you.


84. Marvel not at the joy in the ways of the wicked.


85. Let not thy hand make the sigh forbidden for the speech.


86. Give a fool the bully pulpit and you inherit the title.


87. A proper demonstration is the best tutor of respect for authority.


88. The truth, the whole truth or the allusion thereof.


89. Almost true is liken unto almost alive.


90. Congress has secured your parties’ funds and now is distributing same in cashto the more deserving.


91. Which is principal, man or law?


92. In Midnight’s Summer Dream, all was free.


93. To postulate upon the rule of law is like unto Tibetan navel gauzing of yore.


94. Is too much of a good thing actually enough?


95. Fear not the coming day, only that it does not…


96.No man can succor unto two masters.


97. Never say, always.


98. Try illegally entering Mexico - D.W.I.


99. The ability to change the law best the creation thereof.


100.  Never have so few fed so many.


101.  The soul can manage only so much hatred.

Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020

Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020

Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020