Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020


The Phonetics of Southern American English

By Ben Russell

Pt. Past tense,    pos. Possessive,

rel. Relative to,  fr. From,

( ) Added,   i.e. Example,

 [ ]: Improper English,

trailing off  of thought . . .

Oft. Often,




A: oft They, Day

A: oft Uh, i.e. ur fire

A mong st: Among

A rab, Alabama

A re: Area

A tall: At all

 Uh tall: "

Ad: oft That, Dat

Ad der all: After all

Ad der while: After a while

Ad dul do: That will do

Ad dun: That one

Add: oft That

Ads zit: That is it

A gin st or Again: i.e. against a

 rock etc.

Air: oft Their

Air one: Either one

Air rey one: "

Aire one:      "

Aint: Is not

Airn: Their one

 Nair one or Nairn: Neither one

 Nair re one: i.e.  (not) A one

Ak un: Acorn

Aker: Acker

Al benny: Albany, Georgia

All luv vem: All of them

A mer i gun: American

 Uh mur i gun: American

 Is zee un Amur i gun

At or Ad: oft That

At air: That there (one)

At un: That one  "

Au ther rit us: Arthritis

Au th rit us

Aud der: i.e. Ought to

Aw ful est

Az ziff: As if

Aze: oft They is, They are

Aze er: They are…




Bad to: i.e. (He is) bad to

 take a drink.

Bait: A huge amount, Too


Bass ack kards: Backwards

Bed der: Better

Bed der nodd

Big gun nuff: Big enough

Bof fus: Both of us

Bum bel bee or bum el bee

Bun chuv vem: Bunch of them

Bun nilla: Vanilla

Bus ted: Pt. Burst

Bust opens: Packaged snacks

Bu tic u lar: Particular, also

 Pu tic u lar




Cause do: Because (if) you do

Chan ch: Chance

Ches ter drawers

Chiv vuh lay: Chevrolet

Chock let: Chocolate

Chunk: Throw

Clair er un: Clearer than

Clair urn ner: Clearer than a

 i.e. Clean through,

 Klear un uh

Clear: Clair, klear, klare

Clent: Pt. Clean

Co beer

Co col lar or Co ker col er

Com men st tuh: commenced to

Coud ner: Could not (have)

Crist tu wal

Cro ger sack: Croker sack,

 a burlap bag

Crunk: Pt. Crank

Cum mere: Come here

Cum mone nover




Da: oft They

Dad: oft That

Dad ju: Is that you?

Dads or Ads: That is

Dads hit or Dads zit: That is it

Dads zun nuf: That’s enough

Dads zun nuff fuv vem

Daid: They did

Dairn: Their (one)

Daint: They [aint]

Daint: There are not

Dair or Daire: oft Their

Dale: They will

Damed dif fi no

Dane no mo: They [aint no]more

Dats dat: That is that

Daze: They is

Daze zov vair: They [is] over there

Daze zuh wonze: They are the ones

De: Did he?

Dem: Them

Den o mites

Dese: These

Did de: Did he?

Did dunt: Did not

Did gea: Did you?

Did ju do: Did you do . . .

Dif funt: Different

Dis: This

Dis or diz or dizz: oft This

Dis here: This here

Dis shear: This here

Dis shere:    "

Dish shere:  "

Diz hear:     "

Dis sun: This one

Dost: A dose i.e. Too much

Drank: i.e. Hank, why do you  drank?

Du mad ders: Tomatoes

Du mor row: Tomorrow

Du reck ley or Tu reck ley: A corruption of, “I will Go (there) directly. Meaning the opposite. i.e. After a while.

Dudd den nit: Does it not?

Dun: Done, oft Completely

Dun gone: i.e. He has dun gone.

Dun nover: Already over

Duz znt: Does not




E: oft He

E gen: He can

E tole em

Ear: oft Here

 Mere: Come here

Ease zuh won: He is the one

Em: Them

Em aire: Them there

En em: And them

Et: Ate

Ever whig ger way

Ever whooh uh way

Ever zeen: Ever seen

Eze: He is

Eze fin ner: He is fixing to

Eze ov vair: He is over there

Eze uh go ner: He is going to




Fat: oft If that….

Few: oft If you

Fi: If I

Fid er der: i.e. If I had

Fide dev ver: If I had ever

Fies: If I was (to)

Fig ger: Figure

Fig ger head: Math minded

Fix in ning to: Fixing to orpreparing to

Fid ner :      "

Fit ner :       "

Fize em: If I was them

Fize zem: If I was them

Flus ter rated: Frustrated

Fo: Four

Fo: oft Before

Fo sho: For sure

From men nair: Form in there

Frum mun der: From under

 i.e. Out frum mun der

Fur mur zeff: i.e. For my self

Fur or Fer: Far

Fuv vem: i.e. (Both) of them




Gar dean: Guardian

Gue or Ge: Did you?

Gen el ly: Generally


Git or Gid: Get i.e. Get rid of

Git gone: Leave

Go ged dit: Go get it

Gon ner be: Going to be

Got en: Pt. Got




Had dent augh der: Should not have . . .

Hang ger nade: Hand grenade


Hard dun ner: i.e. Harder than a woodpeckers lips.

Haf fuv vem: Half of them

Hawg: Hog

Heap puv em: A large quantity of them

Uh heap puv vum

Hern or Hers’: (pos of her)

Heze uh go ner

Hi: How?

Hi come: How come: fr. How did it come (to be)?

Hi ken: How can

Hick kur nut: Hickory nut

Hids: It is

Hids zall over

Hit: oft It

Hits: It is

Hits dis sun: It is this one

Hits dun nover

Hit ters zem: It was them

Hit tul: It will

Hiz zun or His un: His [one]

Hise ze or Hows ze: How is he?

Hos zee: Who is he?

Ho made

Hope: oft Help

Hun dud: Hundred



I ---------------------------------

I be darn: I’ll be darn

Ide: I would

Imm: I am

Im muv vuh gray mind: I am of a great mind

I mone: I am going (to)

Im mer gon er: I am a going to

In a mong st: In among

Iste cream

Ive: I have

Iz ze: Is he?



Jake: Jurk

Jak ed: Pt. Jurk

Ju: (Did) you?

Ju zee em: Did you see them?



Kang gid no bed der:

 (It) can’t get (no) better

Kig gis az ze: Kick his ass



Lay ed eyes on

Learnt: Pt. Learn

Led: oft Let

Leff: i.e. He [dun leff] out of here

Lem me: Let me

Lem me no: Let me know

Lem me zee

Lent: Pt. Lend

Lick er: i.e. (Not a) lick of

Lil lo bid dy: Little old bitty

Lite bub

Los ter: More lost (than)

Luf ter: Love to

Lug gear or Lugg ger ear:

 Look here

Lug ger hear   "

Lug gear          "

Lun mo: Lawn mower



Man nase: Mayonnaise

Mere: Come here

Mi naze    "

My nase    "

Maun nin or Maw nin: (good) morning

Meere: (come) Here

Mem ber: Remember

Mid dest well: Might as well

Mik ker wave: Microwave

Minds me: Reminds me

Min iral strain

Minner cheese: i.e. fish dip

Mis i ble: Miserable

Miss sip pee

Mitch i gun: Michigan

Mo: More

Mo der cik kel

Mo est: Most

Mom mer en nem: Mother and them

Mone none nover: (come) On over

Mone nov ear: Come over here

Mon i ster

Mon ster men tal: Monumental

Morn nin: (good) morning Mus ter: Must have

Mus tuv: Must of

Mush rooms



Nair one or Nair: fr. Neither

Nair one

Nair rey a one or nair ey

Nairn: Not (even) one

 See: Air, airey

Nat chel: Natural

Naw: No

Nawd ju: No, did you?

Ne mo: i.e. (Got) ne mo?

Neat ne mo: Need any more?

Neck ed

Need mo: Need more

Neet ne mo uv vem: Need anymore of them?

Nīsce: Nice

Num mer: Number

Nun nuv vit: None of it

No count: fr. Do not count, No good

No sense zin it

Nod du nuf fuv em: Not enough of them

Nod nun nuv vem: Not [none] of them

Nod jet: Not yet

Nod ne mo

Nome: No mam



On count of: Because of

On lest: Only est

Only est un: The only one

Orn dale: Irondale, Alabama

Orient ated

Oud not uv: Ought not have

Ough ter

Ov air: Over there

Ov vair: Over there

Over yonder: fr. Yond, fr.

 over-yond hill



Pan ney maw City: Panama City

Pan sel

Par tic i lar: Buh tic i lar

Pif ful: Pitiful

Pitch cher show: Picture show

Plen ne: Plenty

Plumb: As by a plumb bob:

 i.e. perfectly or completely i.e.

 He is plumb (outer du aders)

 Here, plumb, is most

 generally to emphasize out


Plumb full

Plumb: Plumb is most generally only to emphasize nearly

Po ech: Porch, Porsche

Po est: i.e. Poorest

Po lo: Poor lil lo i.e. poor little old (woman)

Pos som: Opossum

Poison Iv vo rey: Poison ivy

Pok en beans

Poney ack: Pontiac

Pur tic a lar: Particular

Pre vert: Pervert

Punk en: Pumpkin


Pur ty: fr. Pretty, i.e. somewhat

Purt ten near

Purt near

Putend: Pretend

Puz zer fud den: Pussy footing

 i.e. walking softly



Ránch: Rinse or Wrench

Rat tin nair: Right in there

Re dick ku lus: Ridiculous

Re frig ger ra tor: Refrigerator

Rec kon: i.e. (I recon)

Ruint or Roint: Ruined



Sad day

Sad dur day: Saturday

Sal mon: Salmon

Sam ich: Sandwich

Scan nel: Scoundrel

Sch wo rd: Sword

See adder: To see after or be responsible for

Seen: Pt. Saw

Seenus troubles


She aint er: (going to)

She au der: She aught to

She zur goner

Shed of: i.e. Get shed of

 fr. Shed i.e. To cast off

Sho nuf: Sure enough

Should dent: Should not

Sic kel: (Motor) cycle

Sim u lar: Similar

Sim mons: Persimmons

Sin zin nit: i.e. (no) Sense in it

 No cince zin nit

Skerce: Scarce

Spa chal: Special

Spos ed: Suppose i.e. I am

 supposed to

Squo se: Pt. Squeeze

Sten chen cord: Extension cord

Sto bout: Not handmade-new

Sum mu nu ther: fr. Some-

 thing or the other

Sum mu mer nudder

Sum mese: Sum of these

Sum miss: Some of this

Sum muv vit: Sum of it

Swave cleaver and debona

Swisk broom



Ta el: Towel

Tad ders: Potatoes

 buu tad duers

Taint: It aint

Tak er notion: Decide to

Tale wid dum

Thairn: Thairs

Thank guun ness

Thays: They is, They are, Aze

Ther mom i der

Thow ed: Pt. Throw

Time: i.e. Bye the time

Taint: Pt. Turn

To reckly: fr. I’ll be there directly…with opposite meaning i.e. - adder while

Tow up: Torn up

Tran su mission: Transmission

Tu ber fo: Two by four

Tu der: To the…

Tuck ker ed out: Worn out

Tuh ale wid dit

Tuh or Duh: Often, To, The


U -----------------------------

Uh: Often: A, Er

Uh: For emphasis or for a phonetic connecton

Um ber rella

Un: (One), An

Un noth er: Another

Un nuff: Enough

Up pone: Up on

Up pair: Up there

Up pun der or Ub un der: Up under rel. Frum mun der

Uster: Pt. Used to, i.e. He is used to



Var ment: Pesky small animal fr. Vermin - a derogatory term for a person, etc.

Ven nes wala: Venezuela


W ------------------------------

Wauder or Wau der: Water

Wa wer: War

Wal ler mel lon: Watermelon

Wan nese: One of these

Was zunt or Wau dun: Wasnot

Waum: Warm

Way mint: Wait a minute

Wer nt: Were not

Whats zem: What is (them)?

Whaud da zay?: What did they say?

Whaud ju zay?

Whaud dem: What (are) them?

Whaud der dese: What are these?

Whaud din nale? What in hell?

Whel-bar: Wheel bar

Which a way or Which er way or Which ur way: Which way

Whooch a way

Whine: Why in…?

Whine nale?

Whoo dever: Who would have ever?

Whurze zid dad?

Wood ner: Would not have

Whos ze: Who is he?

Whoose ziz zit: Whose is it?

Whoo zee: Who is he

Whoze zin air?: Who is in there?

Whur en nale: Where in hell?

Whur bout?

Whure abouts?

Whur ed: Where did?

Whur es ze at: Where is he at?

Whur es zay: i.e.Where (is) they?

Whur es zid dat: Where is it (at)?

Wur mur: Where are my?

Whure bouts: Where about …

Wid: With

Wid dout: Without

Wid us: With us

Win ner: Winter

Wine not?

Wood dunt: Would not

Won or Wan: One

Won nem: One of them

Won nese: One of these

Won nuther: One another there). For emphasis only

Wood dent tuv: Would not have

Wor ser: Wors er

Worsh: Wash

Would ner: Would not have

Wuf fer: Worth a…

Wus tu: Were to

Wus ter: i.e. (If he) were to

Wuz: Was




Y: oft Why

Yel ler: Yellow

Yaul war chiss

Yaul waaar chiss: The most famous last words of a true redneck.

Yea yur: Yes

Yeaa er: Yes

Year ley bout: Nearly about

Yall low: Hello

Yes ter did dy or yest diddy:


Yev ver or Jever: i.e. (Did) you ever?

Yo: Your

You all


You aud der: You ought to

You shud dent tuv: You should not have

You goner ged ne mo: Are you going to get any more?

You ern: Your one, yours

Yee ont wan nese: Do you want one of these?

You wont ney mo: You won’t any more?

Young gun

Yus ter:  Used to




Z: oft Is he?

Za: Are they?

Za en ne mo: Is they any more?

Zad you: Is that you?

Zad ju?

Zase zu wones: They are the ones?

Zat or Dat or At: That

Zays ov vair: They is ove there

Zee: Is he?

Zo ver:  i.e. (It is) over there?

 Hits zov air: It is over there

Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020

Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020

Russell Lands History


A Greatly Expanded Version

4, 2020